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Supplements and Gyms in Germany

Hi. I’m going to be studying abroad in Berlin this winter and I’m wondering if anyone knows the gym situation there and also what supps you can get? Is there good whey, etc?


I was living in Germany for 7 years and getting my protein powders from a company called powerstar. the protein powders from them were the best tasting ive ever had and the price was o.k.

The gym I went to there was a mens only bodybuilding/powerlifting gym but I wasnt in Berlin so thats probably not much help. That was probably the best gym I’ve ever been to and I was disappointed that I couldnt find something similar in the states…

there is a gym called mcfit that is open 24 hours a day and its like 19 euros a month and is probably compareable to a golds over here. they should have everything you need there. The website for powerstar is powerstar.de and the protein powder that I was getting was called super hi pro 128

I think it was like 75 euros for 5 kilograms of it in a aluminum bags and you can just buy the empty container from them for a couple of euros. Keep yours eyes peeled at christmas time cause they run a big special every year I believe. Hope that helps.