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Supplements and Football/Track?

im turnin 16 in a few days, weigh 142, 7% BF. My goal is to drop 3.8 seconds from 55.7 in my 400meter track time. I also want to bulk up as much as possible for football and rugby…in terms of suppliments and such, is there anyway i can accomplish these goals all at the same time and if not what would i want to take…take into consideration that i dont want to take ANYTHING that could even be considered a steriod or anything that is against highschool football rules…

Currently i take N-large 2 twice a day and a casien protien drink befor bed…thanks for any help!!!

You are 16. The only supplement you need is protein powder, which is food really, and you already take that. Eat lots of quality food, 6-8 times a day (that includes shakes) and you will be sweet.