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Supplements and dieting

Hello…greetings from Croatia and a couple of questions for all fellow T-Maggers…after following cylic ketogenic diet with 10 g/kg carb-up every Sunday during which I dumped like a bucket or so of fat I switched to a T-Dawg diet. Basically, my post workout shake consists of 20 g of creatine (loading),38 g of whey protein, 7 Universal amino
acid pilles (equals to 14 g of amino acids) and 40 g of dextrose.

  1. Despite anti cardio hype I decided to do 20 minutes of moderate
    stationary bike exercise every day. Should I ingest the post workout
    shake immediately after completing weight training and before doing the cardio or after cardio? I’ve been doing the first thing.
  2. What is the public opinion on SciTech as a supplement manufacturer? It’s the company with the lowest prices here…
  3. I want to take one TwinLab DualTab (combination of vitamins and
    minerals), one zync pill by TwinLab and one B vitamin complex formula per day. What is the best timing to take all those pills? Does it make any sense to take “combined” formula vitamin/mineral pills when we know that certain ingredients lower the absorption rate of other ingredients
    (calcium/iron for example)…
  4. I read in an expert interview on Testosterone site that dosage of
    50 mg of zinc could be detrimental to one’s health. Twinlab’s pill
    contains 100 mg of zinc?!? There are no calcium based pills. Unfortunately, ZMA is not sold in Croatia and they do not ship overseas… Should I take this supplement or skip it completely? Thank you in advance…