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Supplements and Diet


Hello All,

Starting a diet and exercise program for my off season training in football. Trying to gain lean muscle mass for next season.

I'm just wondering what the best supplements on the market are to help reach my goals. 5'10", 195 lbs.

With heavy weight training and some cardio work I'm looking to put on 15 lbs. of lean muscle. As much protein as I can per day, more than 200 grams, around 100 - 150 carbs, less than 100 grams of fat.


Ok,first of all,if you want to gain muscle,up the carbs. 100 grams isn't enough when lifting weights.The brain alone needs 145 grams a day. You can eat as much protein as you'd like,but if you don't eat more than you're burning off,and up those carbs,you're not going to gain muscle.Figure out how many calories you need a day.Then add in,slowly(so you won't gain fat) 200 calories above your caloric maintenance level.

Then,start adding in more calories til you start seeing results.Then limit cardio.You're trying to build muscle;you're not gonna be able to build much doing cardio 6 times a week for a whole hour. Keep it to about twice a week,since you're a football player and need to keep up on the cardio. Then,start eating a small meal every 3 hours all with good carbs,proteins,and fats.

Consume good carbs after working out,all that stuff.Don't workout more than 5 times a week;keeping each session no more than an hour long.Lift with heavy weights. Keep protein high.Drink lots of water.Try to make,atleast, 3 of your meals whole foods/natural.That should be some advice to get you going my friend.Good luck.


First, repeat after me.

"I WILL gain fat as I gain muscle"

Thats just whats going to happen. On the main page check out C Thibs "Carb Cycling Codex" and find out your caloric needs. That diet sounds pretty sound and you should get really good results.


Thats not always true.I've gained 4 pounds of muscle and I still fit the same size of pants.My bodyfat is the same also. Very few people understand energy balance.


Even for us simple minded bastards who don't understand energy balance, we do understand that to put on appreciable muscle mass, there is a need to gain some fat. Maybe not if your goal is to gain 5 lbs over 6 mos., but to put on 15 lbs. of muscle you will need to eat.

Eating that much to keep available fuel for when your muscles decide to grow will have to include fat gain or you severly limit growth potential.

Eat for growth
Eat less to cut down
You could go through 4-6 cycles before next year


What do you mean by this? 4-6 bulking/cutting cycles in the next month and a half?


I've seen guys who where bulking go from 2,600-3,000 calories a day to 5-6,000 calories a day.Then they'd bitch about and ask why did they gain too much fat. Well,if you eat enough for muscle gains and not over do it you really won't gain much fat.I'm just telling him my experience and what works/worked for me and my friends.


Lol,dude,I didn't mean it like that.damn,calm down.I'm sure you know what works for you.If you do then thats great,keep it up.Again,I was just saying what works for me.