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Supplements and alcohol

I was just wondering what kind of effect alcohol would have on you while taking Mag-10, T-2, M, or Tribex 500. i dont mean daily drinking, but about once every one to two weeks going out and drinking. i know it will hurt my training but will it be bad for me. Any response by someone with knowledge on the subject would be greatly appreciated


Besides the excess empty cals and the temp. lowering of test, I don’t think there should be any problem. Espicially if your on tribex or a testosterone increaser,etc you shouldn’t really have any trouble.

thanks DK

I have read that alcohol can cut protein synthesis (the process that CREATES muscle) by up to 41%. From personal experience, I can tell you that I quit drinking a little over a year ago and my muscular development really took off after that. I know it’s tough to abstain from alcohol socially, but remember that every drink slows down your muscle growth a little more. If you’re working your tail off in the gym and taking supplements to get muscular, alcohol slows your development down.

Anyone else have any info on this, especially the tribex and m?

Goin back up to school this weekend coming off mag-10, and was wondering if I should wait and start the t + m on monday when i return …

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Alcohol increases LH production, but inhibits T production (natural T, from the Leydig cells). Therefore any Tribex you take before drinking would be wasted.

T production from a prohormone/prosteroid, on the other hand, would not be inhibited.