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Supplements and Airport Security

Without having to carry the huge tub of Surge thru the airport, how do you guys take your supplements (interested in protein, mainly) on the road? Maybe I’m just parnoid, but if I put some in my own container to throw in my suit-case, would it get inspected? For anyone that’s ever been at O’Hare, you know its a disaster as it is…I really don’t need any more aggrevation at that friggin place.

Last time I flew I had a 5 pounder of protein powder in my suitcase and it was inspected. There was a notification in my suitcase saying that my belongings had been searched. Who knows if you could carry it on or not?

I always travel with my supplements. Having traveled in the US and overseas, I place my protein and other supplements in plastic ziplock bags. I have yet to have anything taken or my bags searched. Have carried them onto the plane and placed them in my checked bags as well.

Good Luck – I hate flying thru O’Hare.


two options. Either buy it ahead of time and have it delivered to your destination or put the protein powder in a water container and go through the hassle at customs.

If you are pressed for time I would go with option 1. But if you are a cheap bastard (like me) then let them take as much time going through your stuff.

The last time I went on vacation I flew out of O’Hare with two tubs of Metabolic Drive in my suitcase and a huge bag of fish oils. I had no problems with O’Hare’s security, or Dallas, or customs and imigration. You should be good to go.

swallow a condom full of whey

when in doubt, keeping the products in original containers will help things go your whey.