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Supplements and Age


I seem to notice that some of you say you should be 30 and some say 20 (and maybe some other random numbers). But, is there really a right age to start takin them? most bottles i have read says "you should not take this if you are under the age of 18". i mean there have been a couple that said 21 but why would anyone say 30? isnt that a little pushin it?


My take is that, yes, 18 is the absolute youngest, with the exception of protein powders, and a few other things.

But, I think a lot of it hinges more on training age, than actual physical age.

You can have been training hard for 4+ years by the time you are 22, or you could be a total newbie. Obviously, the trained lifter will get more benefit from his supplements, since the newbie can still make progress with those glorious newbie gains.


i like the idea of adding in stuff one at a time anyway.

Start with nothing for a bloc or two, or three, then add in really good nuitrition for a few blocs, then add a multivitamin for a few blocs, then add protien powder for a few blocs, then add some fish oils for a few blocs, then add ZMA.

After that maybe wait a few years. It will probably make you more confident in your natural ability to take stuff that is really in stuff you eat - but just higher quantities - then to take the stuff that will alter chemicals and what not in your body. That way you know it is you lifting the weights and not the suppliments and the equipment (read: bench shirt, squat suit)


What about fish/flaxseed oil? I was making a grocery list of healthy foods following John's Massive Eating programs, and I put both of those oils on there so I could take ~1-2 tbps with each P + F meal and add some 600 calories to the meal, and my madre said that as a 17 year old, I don't need them (she's a doctor).

Is it OK to still take them, or should I not worry about it at this age? I should also say it's fucking hard for me as an ecto-mesomorph to gain weight (although my muscles are clearly defined and I have a low waist-to-back ratio).


essential fatty acids such as those found in fish oil have health benifits for just about ANY one of any age from infants to elderly


I don't think there is a need to take anything that will increase endogenous testosterone until the age of 21...this is not to say that someone under 21 will get hurt from doing so, but rather that it's not necessary d/t the amt. circulating...The only supp I'd use caution w/ is creatine--novice trainers,regardless of age, quite often experience such an increase in strength that far exceeds the rate of tendons/ligaments...This often leads to pulled muscles or even worse, tendon ruptures...both of which can be avoided by knowing how to train and hydrate properly.