Supplements and Acne

I can’t really find much subjects concering this so I’d like to bring it up.

After seeing my dermatologist my acne is finally starting to fade, he put me on some gel that cleared it up fairly well, plus i’ve had a consistant healthy lifestyle which helped alot.

Now a while ago I took creatine/ZMA, I made fantastic gains on it, I was able to get out more reps with creatine & I found I had better recovery with ZMA, however it seemed that the slight increase of test with the ZMA aggrivated my acne.

I’m not so sure with the creatine, but i used to break out worse when I took it, i’m not sure if that was just a co-incidence or not.

The creatine I was taking was from prolab, I can’t remember where I got the ZMA from, was a while ago.

I’m 18 years old, so I doubt supplements would even be necassery, but I would still like that extra edge to help me make as much progress as I can before the summer.

If anyone can give any feedback to this subject it would be most helpful.