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Supplements After Chores


Is there a benefit to consuming a protein suppliment during & after activities that are not techically workouts but still physically demanding, such as moving furniture or heavy yardwork??

This past weekend I removed a stump from small tree that I had previously cut down. I couldn’t get a car near enough to the stump to pull it with a chain, so I knew this would involve a good amount of digging, sawing (with a hand pruning saw - don’t have a chainsaw), pulling and wrestling with the thing. I anticipated a bit of work for at least some of the muscle groups I’m working with, so had my protain drink during & after I was done.

Any benefit to this?

Probably nothing specific, other than it doesn’t hurt to ingest protein all throughout the day. I certainly wouldn’t suggest Surge or equivalent PWO nutrition after this.

Work is work, man. :slight_smile: If you’re working your body hard, there’s no reason why the response to adequate nutrition should be any different.

work hard = need to eat be it a shake or other food.

Working out is working out. The gym is a place where you create artificial labor man. How do you think thosse ancient greeks and romans got muscle? They lifted heavy rocks and poles around town. Just eat big and workout hard wether you curl a bar or a tree limb.