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Supplementing with Ribose and Glutamine

Hi, I am currently supplementing with pure Ribose and L-Glutamine before and after workouts. Will taking the two supplements together be counterproductive or will it do the intended effect and help me recover faster? I know there are Ribose/Creatine combinations being sold but why not L-Glutamine/Ribose?


I think taking ribose after a workout may have benefits, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Taking it before your workouts may be enough since the stuff immediately converts to ATP, which is what you need for a workout. And, it will save you money. As far as the glutamine thing goes, I don’t think taking it with ribose is counterproductive. One is an amino acid, the other is a sugar. Both aren’t competing for the same spot in your muscle cells. Then again, I could be wrong. Any help would be nice.