Supplementing "Look like a BB, Perform Like an Athlete"

Coach Christian,

Thank you for everything you do. I just tuned in to the website and can tell it will be my go to resource. After reading the article above, this is definitely the program I want to try. However, I am a firm believer in plyo exercises to build explosiveness. Can I add box jumps, sprint intervals, sled drags, etc somehow? It seems there isn’t much room to add anything. Thanks!

You can start the workouts with plyo but don’t be excessive. 5-10 minutes and about 4-5 sets max.

Sprints are very neurologically demanding, so I would limit them to once a week.

Sled drags are fine at the end of maybe 2 sessions per week. But again be careful with the volume. If you start to feel like you aren’t recovering from workout to workout, drop them

Coach, would 3 days of Sled Dragging using a constant tension technique -not sprinting- be pushing it, if using the original HP Mass template?

It depends on the volume and load. Three friends of mine does push the prowler three days a week along with their lifting workouts, and they are doing fine. It’s a matter of dosing.

What would be the optimal distance for a muscle building effect?

50-80m, closer to 50.

Would a circuit comprising of - Prowler Pushing x 20m, Pull - throughs x 20m, Backwards Dragging x 20m
Frankenstein Forward dragging x 20m - be just as effective, given that you are reaching the requisite distance of 50 - 80m and working different parts of the leg musculature as well?

Thank you again for your input, it is greatly appreciated.

It would work but it will not have the same impact on hypertrophy… it’s like asking would doing:

3 reps of bench press
3 reps of lateral raise
3 reps of rope triceps extension
3 reps of push ups

Would have the same impact on hypertrophy as doing 12 reps of bench press

Your point is well taken. Would the aforementioned Sled circuit be more conducive towards fat loss, conditioning etc instead?

If the volume is the same there will be zero different conditioning or fat loss wise.

Sorry to hijack the OP thread, but i have a question. I follow your High Performance mass principles but i have tweaked it with the following set up

M- Upper Pressing
T- Back Biceps + NC
W- Lower Pressing + Sled
T - Upper Pressing
F Back Biceps + NC
S Lower Pressing + Sled

Much like the other poster asked would adding in a 3rd day of Sled training for Legs on Monday be too much in the context of the above split.? I do 6 sets of 30m on the four exercises shown in the t nation eccentricless leg training video on youtube.

Check out CT’s response to my earlier question, in regards to Sled Dragging frequency.