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Supplementing DHEA

My blood work has my dhea on the low end of normal , my dr wants me to supplement 25 mg twice daily , I have always thought dhea raised estrogen and wasn’t worth taking . I am wondering what the general opinion is whether or not it needs supplementing

If low, I like to increase DHEA to higher in range levels. The most dramatic benefits reported to me are improvements in cognition, focus, concentration, relieving “brain fog”. It has recently been determined to function as a neurotransmitter.

Clinically substantiated uses of DHEA include replacement for:
• Low DHEA levels
• Chronic disease
• Adrenal exhaustion or corticosteroid therapy
• Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
• Improving bone density
• Improving depression & mood disorders
• Enhancing immune response by activating T‐cells
• Improving well‐being
• Decreasing cardiovascular risk
• Improving erectile dysfunction
• Anyone over 40

DHEA raises testosterone levels in women slightly, yet not in men, while raising estradiol slightly in men. DHEA has never been shown to reverse the aging process as claimed by some, nevertheless, I believe DHEA is important for preventive medicine.


You ‘could’ start with 25mg a day and ease into that for awhile… Then if all good bump up to 50mg. At least then if you get any kind of strange side effect (acne or whatever) you’ll be happy you started at a slightly lower dose. You can also just start at 50mg right off the bat and lower if neccessary. Either way is fine. I usually prefer the first option, personally.

Do you see negative affects from DHEA very often? I’d try about anything that could improve my memory from how it’s been lately. It’s gone from my normal level of bad to hope I don’t have Alzheimer’s level bad (ok, bad joke but I am curious about any negatives).

Adding this…

My Initial test for DHEA started at 155 ug/dL (71~375) so doc put me 25mg nightly. My next test at this dose was DHEA 535 so doc lowered me to 15mg nightly. I am high SHBG (not sure if that matters with DHEA). While I cant say I have felt any positive or negative effects from DHEA I wanted to say that if your body reacts similar to mine, not much is needed. 25 was too much and 50mg would have thrown me way off the ref range. Since we do not know much about the effects of DHEA my doc (Defy) in this case just shoots for the high side of the range.

I’d say rarely. Off the top of my head, one guy stopped because of increased BP.

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Most common one I hear of is increased acne if they are already prone to it. Goes away when they stop so it’s not anything terrible regarding side effects. Keep in mind that most OTC DHEA supplements are underdosed. Getting it through a script is the way to go.

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My doc told me that too so I picked some up from them since it’s super cheap. May try it again at some point, I wasn’t very consistent about taking it last time I tried it so no clue if it’s beneficial for me or not.

Thanks for reporting this. Last year my levels were at 248 ug/dL, this year slight lower at 220 ug/dL (range 57 - 522).
Do you think it’s worth it to try a low dose 10 mg every morning to see if it increases cognition and mental sharpness.
Some claims you need to take it more than once per day due to half life. What’s your clinical experience with that?

Once daily is fine, but I’d take 20-25mg though.

I remember trying it almost 2 years ago at 25 mg, but it gave me anxiety in the morning.
I was on HCG though that was just giving me sides in my case, so it could have been the combination of the 2.
I was thinking to start low, do a blood test after 2 weeks and then move up if necessary.

Nothing wrong with that, I don’t think 10mg will make a significant difference. There is only one way to find out.

Sure. I will test the small dose first and test DHEA-S again after 2 weeks.
I’ll let you know the outcome.

@highpull So I’ve done another blood test 2 weeks in 25 mg of pharmacy compounded DHEA-S at night. Unfortunately didn’t do anything for me, apart from flaring up the pre-existing gyno.
Blood work confirmed a 20% increase in E2 (as reported in medical literature in men) and an increase in morning cortisol too that went above range slightly. Never happened before.
DHEA-S levels went up only 68 ug/dL, so I guess I would need to take higher doses of it to reach decent levels, but the effects on cortisol and E2 prevent me to do so.

I would say my experiment with DHEA has failed then.