Supplementing DHEA and Preg During HPTA Restart

I am attempting a restart after a long and thoughtful discussion with my doc. I was advised to take pregnenolone and DHEA during the restart but I was under the impression that this would be suppressive to my HPTA?

I always assumed supplementing those two were fine if on TRT, but suppressive if not on TRT? I figure I would avoid supplementing anything suppressive during this time, and especially following my hcg/nolvadex protocol.

I discontinued test cyp and hcg for two week washout. Then I run hcg daily for 2 weeks and discontinue. Then I begin 10 mg nolva for 4 weeks.

What did your doc say about DHEA & Preg being suppressive?

Nothing. I had thought that was true about DHEA but is it not? I honestly thought that was the case based on what I had seen in passing on the internet so maybe I’m completely wrong

And I don’t mean suppressive to testosterone but to DHEA production once I discontinue supplementation.

Please tell me if I’m wrong

As much as I know they are not supressive to own production just like melatonin is not.

Not sure how this mechanism works

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Got it. My DHEA levels have always been in range.

The reason they want me to supplement DHEA is actually for sleep? Has anyone used it before bed successfully?

I felt it energizing, would not be able to sleep from taking it. Pregnenolone was sedating me.
As I know you should take dhea or pregnenolone if their values are not optimal. Optimal is towards the top of the range.
Also I l know well absorbed are only to micronized sustain release forms because only they can be turned into the sulfated form that is used like a storage in the body

What were his reasons for using these during a restart?

I have been taking pregnenolone at night on/off for sleep and it has sometimes been helpful. They wanted me to add in DHEA for sleep as well as I guess it can make some people feel sedated and help with insomnia?

I haven’t tried DHEA at night yet but I may trial it one day this week.