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Would it be advisable to use Promag 25, NO2, and a product like NO-Xplode at the same time? I am just curious if for some reason these are incompatible? Also if you think there is something more beneficial to take I am all ears.

Well dont know what the heck Promag is and I will spare telling you that NO products are CRAP or well guess I wont but I dont see why you would want to take two of them at one time?? The NO2 and NO-explode.

Suggestions nail a rock solid diet and training. buy creatine, protein supps to supp your diet, fish oils are great. Maybe an energy supp from there build as you need try things. Oh Id check the store here and look at the products.


Promagnon 25 is a test booster. In the past I have tried creatine and didn’t really get the results that I wanted. Sure I gained about 10-15 pounds in water weight and I looked and felt really bloated. So I was looking for something else.

Well creatine is one of the only proven working supps out there for not just performance but many health benefits including cognitive function you may rethink it and try a quality monohydrate a brand that uses creapure.

Other than that id tcheck these out read about them and ask ?