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I was just wondering what your thoughts were on cycling creatine or a test booster while on your program and if it would have any benefit. If not are there any supplements you would recommend?


You don't need to cycle creatine monohydrate and you can forget about test boosters entirely.


I've read the creatine loses its effect after about 6 weeks. What's wrong with the test boosters?


Unless the booster is injected it won't do anything


It doesn't. It builds up in your system just like beta alanine. Just use it and forget the fancy new versions of creatine, loading phases etc. Just take 5g a day and yer golden.

As for test boosters... Actually working ones are pharmaceuticals which are illegal in most countries. The only way a dietary supplement could actually affect your test levels is a situation where you are severely lacking certain nutrients in your diet and you get those through supplements.

  • 5-10 grams creatine monohydrate daily
  • Scoop or two of BCAAs during training or, if you can, use Plazma because I hear it's amazing and I'd use it if shipping to Australia wasn't so GD pricey
  • a decent diet is more important than anything
  • maybe some protein powder as an in case supplement or when you're in a rush.