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I have been reviewing the website and have ordered some of the products. I am interested in getting leaner and harder. The products that I have ordered are ZMA, 4-Andro and Pyruvate. Can anyone give me stack information?

How about you get a refund on the 4-Andro and Pyruvate because you just got fucked in the goat ass for shit products. Try reading some articles for diet and training programs if you want to get hard and lean. You don’t need crap supplements to help you!

You haven’t read much of the website if you bought pyruvate! See “Dirty Tricks” article for a full explanation as to why that sucks. And I hope you meant 4-AD-EC and not that pill form stuff. And if you want to get lean and hard, where’s the thermos? MD6? T2-Pro? (Well, that’s not a thermo, but it helps with fat loss.) Read the Supplement Round-up article at T-mag as well.