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Supplementation, What and When?

Hi guys… Just after your opinions on what to buy and when to take.

I use to just use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey twice daily with meals and on gym days a double serve after my workout.

Looking to just get a bit more of an advantage in and after my workout.

What kind of products would u suggest in taking and how much/when?


What are your goals?

BCAA’s and proper PWO drinks, along with fish oil would be my suggestions.

Oh shit sorry…

Looking to add a few kilos but nothing excessive… Im happy to gain lean (yes i know a bulk is a bulk and a cut is a cut) but i need to stay lean year round for football (soccer) so its more of an aesthetic/strength increase.

In short, few more kilos but clean… currently between 75 and 77kg at 175cm tall.