Supplementation Timing

hey guys
i have been taking whey protein and glutamine post workout .
now i want to add bcaa and creatine .
plz guide with the timing to get best results. and which creatine form shld be preferred

For the life of me I can’t find the articles to link but several recent ones suggest that pre-workout nutrition is far more important than post workout, in fact one suggested post workout is little better than a morning protein shake…something along the lines of the body already revving back down by the time post workout nutrition is being introduced. But on the topic of BCAA’s and Creatine, Additional amino acids arent truly necessary so long as you are getting enough protein (since complete animal protein has all of them) but you can time them pretty much whenever. If i have any at all, it’s typically a day i fast and i throw a scoop in my water jug throughout the day to curb the hunger a bit better. As for creatine, any time is as good as any other, creatine does not help instantly, the point is to saturate muscle tissue in it to reap the benefits so a scoop today doesnt help today, it keeps you replenished for tomorrow. Some like it pre workout so the pump and boosted circulation gets it places faster but so long as you are downing 5g a day (preferably creapure) then timing isn’t much of an issue.

This may be the link you were referring to?

Hey thanks for the reply
What i was thinking was to have bcaa before workpout and glutamine+creatine in post workout shake.
Will that be ok ?

Someone else will be able to provide a more thorough response, but yes the glutamine post workout will be good. I typically have 2-3 protein shakes a day, and one is always post workout. Creatine, like Kyle said, can be taken anytime, post workout is fine.

If you train fasted or semi-fasted the BCAA’s pre-workout aren’t a bad plan either. I often do this as well since I sometimes train 3-5hrs after lunch and before dinner, if I don’t get my pre-workout carbs in.

Do what you like. Just know that your overall diet is way more important.

And read the article above.

yeah i know thats why i take just 1 scoop of protein post workout and depend on natural soures for the rest of my macros