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Supplementation In Between Cycles


I'm just about to complete a 10 week tren ace/test/drol cycle and would like to shed some pounds in between cycles. I was thinking of stacking the Biotest Alpha Male with Carbolin 19 immediately after my pct. I was also thinking of doing a t3/clen cycle but have heard that this stack in the absence of aas can destroy muscle mass. Are there any supplements you guys tend to favor in between cycles??


Stay aware from clen and T3 off cycle.

At some doses they will burn muscle even IF your using AAS. Without it, they are going to cause you to shed muscle quickly.

herbal test boosters, and Carbolin 19 are fine, how well they actually work is another discussion.

I use creatine between cycles, and thats about it. I have used trib before and liked it.


I wouldn’t mess with the thyroid. I would run my normal fare of supplements and not over think it, IME