Supplementation for Stubborn Lower Ab Fat?

Been dieting now for a while, currently in the best shape of my life, 6 pack is there (close to 8), my skin-fold measurements are pretty decent EXCEPT for my abdominal, i guess genetically I hold my fat there, no biggy. Just looking for some insight into fat burners with fasted cardio to help along the stubborn fat? I’ve had some people recommended ‘Yohimbine HCL’ but then also just advised to grab some caffeine tablets? as they should push the same effects.

Never been a believer of fat burners however if they will help just ease this process for my lower abdominal then i’m willing to give it ago, any advice is welcomed :slight_smile:

Look up Fucoxanthin.

Also check out the article “Liver Let Die” (I think) by John Meadows.
He mentions he had a client drink cranberry juice to assist with fat loss.

try vasoburn under a sweat band.

It really works…

No shit! Does it really? I’ve considered it in the past. How lean were you when you used it?

I’ve heard it’s a fate worse than death if you’ve got it on your hands and accidentally touch your asshole.

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I was pretty lean already. Spot removal for me at that point.

YEs, be careful what you touch after getting it on your hands. I can vouch for not getting it in your eyes or on your prick

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