Supplementation for Strength

hey ct, i have been reading up on your protocols for maximum mass gain. im not overly concerned about mass or asthetics as i am about function and strength. what would be an optimal supplementation regime with the ultimate goal being strength?

IMHO, you have to destinguish between immediate strength, i.e. supplements that could help you perform better in a competition or so, and supplements that will help you to get stronger over time.

As for perfomance boosters, you could take alpha-GPC, Spike or just caffeine prior to workouts or competition.

As for building strength over time, I believe that Thib’s peri-workout protocol is as good as it gets. Whether you’re trying to build muscle or strengh, recovery, especially CNS recovery are key. The protocol will help you tremendously with that.
The rest will be largely determined by the way you actually work out.

If you’re into heavy CNS-intense strength training most of the time, I’d add PowerDrive post-workout (like 2 servings later the day) since it helps your CNS recover.

I made the biggest STRENGTH gains in 20 years switching to Thib’s protocol from my previous workout nutrition protocol. Without changing the way I work out.

My current training log is posted in the training log section of the forum under “sam’s training log” if u r curious of what my workouts look like. i played football and power lifted in high school and my workouts are a hybrid of what my workouts in hs with a bit of my own flair. pretty basic stuff done with a shitload of intensity.

my biggest focus right now is improving my grip and upper back strength as both are holding my deadlift back. i currently just take vpx no shotgun preworkout, whey+creating post workout, and a multivitamin in the morning and post workout. thanks for any further input.

In this case I would, of course, focus on exactly that: grip and upper back strengh training. Which is a mater of training style rather than supplementation.

On the other hand I would really recommend trying the peri-wo protocol by Thib. I didn’t change the way I work out and made dramatic gains in strength.
I started to do cluster sets of 5 x 1 rep with appr. 8 seconds rest between each rep.
Within 4 weeks my bench press went from 5x1 @ 315 to 5x1 @ 363. Same percental gains in squats and dealifts (5x1 @ 465 and 5x1 @ 528).

I’d try the protocol AND focus on strengh training AND specilize on upper back/grip for 4 weeks or so.