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Supplementation Advice Appreciated

Hi, I’m after a bit of help with my supplementation, specifically pre workout, post workout and pre bed. Iâ??ve searched for peri-workout nutrition but the things Iâ??ve found all seem to be about the Anaconda protocol and involve eating/drinking something expensive every 15 minutes! Iâ??m on a pretty tight budget as Iâ??m supporting a wife and kid so things have to be affordable!

I train in the morning at about 8am, and the only thing I have before is a carby breakfast, usually a cup of oats with milk and a glass of juice at about 7.15am. Iâ??m thinking I need to add a scoop of whey to the oats and possibly some flax meal to get a good mix of carbs, protein and fats. Would this be enough before my workout, or should I add anything else? Is 45 minutes a big enough gap between a solid meal and working out?

During my workout I just have a water/dextrose mix, and then after I have a 50g whey, 75g dextrose and creatine shake. This is normally about 30 minutes after the end of my workout when I get into the office but Iâ??m thinking I need to have it sooner. Is this an adequate post workout shake?

For pre bed I often see cottage cheese recommended but I’m not a huge fan so was thinking a casein shake before bed but wasn’t really sure how soon before bed was ok. Do you guys just eat/drink then go to bed or leave an hour or such between eating and bed. Or is it just a case of see what my stomach can handle?

Sorry if these questions are all a bit basic, I’m new and this is my first post so be gentle… and thanks for any input.

Don’t apologize for trying to learn.

Currently I’m adding mass, so my pre-bed meal is usually 6 eggs. Depending how “bloated” I was throughout the day I go to sleep 30-45min after.

When cutting I still do eggs, 4-5 this time and 2 hours pre-bed if I can. I found this to help a lot.

45 min meals before workout is ok. I like to wait 1.5-2 hours but if you feel ok There’s no problem I can foresee.

Instead of the 75g Dextrose post workout, try it 15min pre-workout. Then have you during workout Dextrose and just whey/creatine post workout.

Little changes like that can lead to good results. Just have to experiment and don’t do very many things at once. It’ll be easier to notice changes when one variable at a time is being altered.

Lift hard!

I prefer whey and fast carbs pre and during workout. And a whole meal post workout.

If you prefer solid food then definitely add the protein. Instead of the dextrose postworkout have it during the workout only.

I’d prefer a shake if I had less than an hour to let it digest – or at least cook whey protein with your oatmeal and some fruit, and maybe some peanut butter. I find this causes minimal bloating. I don’t drink juice or milk, but even when I used to as a kid the combination made me bloated.

I’ll have my last meal 1-2 hours before bed, usually a combination of a casein shake and green veggies/animal protein.

Right now I use mostly solid foods because I’m in contest prep, but I’ll add a scoop of whey in my pre and post workout meals. More of a combination of liquid/solid food.

Otherwise I’ve always been a proponent of whey/dextrose shake post workout, big meal 1-1.5 hours later. Lots of people have success with the preworkout dextrose, haven’t tried it yet, find what works for you boss!

Thanks for your input, it’s appreciated.

It’s interesting that a couple of you suggest dropping the dextrose post workout. This was the one thing I thought I had right so to speak. I thought it was common to have a mix of protein and simple carbs post workout. Whats the rationale behind protein only?

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
I prefer whey and fast carbs pre and during workout. And a whole meal post workout.

How much of each do you have pre and during, and what does your post meal look like? and how soon do you eat it?

I’m definitely not against having a liquid meal instead of a solid breakfast, in fact I don’t like eating when I just get up. Any ideas/recommendations on a good shake combination? Is it just whey and dextrose or something more substantial with oats and some fats in?

[quote]Chi-Towns-Finest wrote:
I’ll have my last meal 1-2 hours before bed, usually a combination of a casein shake and green veggies/animal protein. [/quote]

When you say animal protein do you specifically mean meat, or are eggs and milk included?

Thanks again.

PS. why did my apostrophes display funny?!