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Supplemental Workout Advice


Aside from the obvious lifts of back squat, front squat, and deadlift. What are the best lifts to perform on days when a full snatch or clean isn't appropriate (...as in the days after doing a full snatch or clean). I'm very new to the o-lifting aspect of weight-training and don't want to fuck around with anything that is going to get in the way of my progress. Thanks, in advance, for your help.


First, you don't even really need to deadlift, unless you really want to work on your pulling strength. I think clean/snatch pulls would be a better option, but even that isn't necessary. Everyday you are in the gym, you should be practicing technique. If you did full snatch/clean one day, do power snatch or power clean the other day. Mix it up.


What you're recommending is what I'm basically doing. I guess what I was getting at with my question was if there are any lifts I should stay away from. I've heard flat bench press is a lift to avoid w/ o-lifting for something it can do to your shoulders. As I've heard about overhead press. I won't change much if that kind of stuff doesn't matter. I'd just like to make sure there aren't lifts that I should avoid entirely.


In those days you do Hang/HighHang/2secPause@Kness Snatch/Clean, or off the Boxes with 80%-90% your best Snatch/Clean for 2X4, or 2X3. You can also do 3 Position Snatch/Clean with 70%-80%.

Followed by Snatch/Clean Pulls 95%-120% your best. Or followed/preceded by light Drop Snatches.

If you feel like doing deadlifts go ahead, I would not to them after back squats (my lowerback doesn't like that mix). You can also do RDLs.

You can also do light (60%-75%) behind the neck jerks, or heavy Jerk Supports, or shoulder presses AFTER the OlyLifts.

Chin-ups/Push-ups, and/or heavy rows.

Do your abz.


p.s you should be squatting AT LEAST 3x week.


When I was training on my own I did max Snatch max C&J max Squat everytime I trained. Now that I've joined a club with a very good coach, I do a good mix of the lifts (full, power and from the hang for snatch & Clean and Jerks from the rack)with very high volume, pulls and high volume squats. Coach also makes me do A LOT of ab work. The only things I do on my own are bodyweight exercises like chins and dips. I currently train mo wed fri, so I do strength and technique work together but coach told me, if I had to train 5 days a week it would look like:

MO - technique
TU - strength work
Wed - technique light
Thu - technique heavy
Fri - strength

Hope that helped a bit, though I forgot what I wanted to point out.


Just do the lifts when you are able to do them. Partial movements like high hang etc. are ok if you want to work on a weak spot on the pull, but since you dont even know it, theres little value in that beyond that. Just squat, do some sort of low back work like hypers, light GMs that mimic the pull, or back ext. Deadlift is a completely different line of pull from an oly pull so that will give you little carry over.


Why back squat?