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Supplemental Work Template



Following advice on the forum previously about repeated stalling and looking at templates from Boomka and others, I've switched to 351 and altered the supplemental work (was advised to lift slightly higher weights including some 5x5 at 80% work). On a 5/3 progression, does this supplemental look okay?

Cycle 1 + 2- 5 x BBB @60%
Cycle 3 + 4- 5 x FSL
Cycle 5- 5 x 5 @80%

Just wanted to check with people with more experience as I realised I previously thought I was sticking to the program as written but in fact I was making it up as I went along.



I wouldn’t start with BBB - that is not a good idea.

It should go:

FSL/Jokers or SSL for appropriate volume.

You can also bookend the BBB with FSL and then come back to the FSL/Jokers or SSL. If you are doing SSL, you must take into account your TM and the weight.


Thanks Jim, I’ll do this.

Just for my education, is the logic of doing BBB after FSL so there is a Medium, light, heavy pattern and I will be fresh for the 5th PR week?

Also is 5x5 a reasonable starting point for SSL?

Many thanks for your help!