Supplemental weightloss

I am fairly new to supplements, although I’ve lifted (lightly) for about 2 years. I am interested in losing a bit of weight. I am 18, 5’4" and weigh 170lb, little more cut than most guys at school but I have a noticable gut.What can I do to lose weight and get a little more definition? I was interested in Advanced Protein, but I can’t order anything online since I don’t have a credit card.
I was wondering, has anyone used Xenadrine or Hydroxycut, and which is better for actually getting rid of fat; as opposed to making you shit and piss every half hour?
I really wanna try some Biotest Products, can’t wait 'till I get me a Credit Card!!

P.S. - If you feel you must, please, bitch me out about natural weight loss and being too young to supplement - if you do though, please include advice on what I can do.

  • A loyal T-Teen for over a year, JoJoe!!

Have you really researched diet options yet? I know I hadn’t at 18. Read the Diet Manifesto if you haven’t and look into the Massive Eating/Don’t Diet programs at T-mag. (And GNC carries some Biotest stuff now, including MD6, but get that diet taken care of first.)

Read and learn about your diet first. My bud likes xenedrine over hydroxycut, I never had either so I can’t give my own opinion. Neither will work without you paying attention to your diet.

If you can write a check, Biotest will accept it. Just call them up and they’ll tell you what to do. (That’s how I got my Mag-10!) It may take a little while longer, but it’s worth it. If not then possibly you can go to a local supplement dealer and have them special order it for you. I do that when I can, it’s quick, and they’re glad to accept my cash (slight markup sometimes though). Oh, and for fat loss, nothing beats MD6 - the added appetite suppressent in it really helps.

Thanks for the responses guys, I’ll look into the Diet Manifesto and Massive Eating programs. I’ll also look at other diets and maybe throw some cash into my checking account so I can get some Biotest Products…do you think that they will have…uh…side effects on me since I’m only 18?

Side effects? Depends on what you get, but if you follow the instructions you should have minimal to no side effects. If your just talking about AP(Advanced Protein), you don’t have to worry about it. Just think of it as a powder-form chicken breast with no fat and a great taste.