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Supplemental stacking

I just bought some biotest surge, and the powerdrive. I also take cell-tech and protein powder. Can someone out there tell me the best way to stack these, and if its allright taking them together. Thanks any comments would be appreciated

Chris, I would take one serving of Power Drive about 20 minutes before you start a workout. Drink 1/2 of a serving of Surge during your workout, and the other half immediately after. Your protein powder can be used any time to replace or supplement meals (I add it to my oatmeal in the morning) and to make shakes. I’ve never used cell tech, but I believe it’ supposed to be used pre-workout. I would check on that, though.

thanks trev

have you tried surge or powerdrive yet? and how have they affected your performance and growth?

Chris do not mix Surge with celltech it will fuck up the absoption of Surge, way too much sugar. Also notice that I spelled ct with no capitals as that relects my opinion of mtech products. Not to many here will say good things about them. Surge and Androsol are the BEST products I have ever used period. One of the first times I used Surge I swear I could feel my shoulders swell after my workout. Great stuff.

Take back the cell-tech. Buy plain white creatine and mix with post-workout Surge.

allright thx fellows im definatley going to take back the cell-tech and goin to buy me some plain creatine to take with it.

If you arleady opened the CellTech I’d mix it with toilet water. Just make sure your poor dog dosen’t drink it. Go for pure eas creatine.