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Supplemental Lifts in Forever?


I’m doing now Coffinworm, just finished first leader cycle. Doing 1 more and then the anchor.

I wanna do the Pervertor next. But I want to ask if I can do variations of the big compounds for the supplemental lifts.

As in the book the only program I can find where suplemental lifts are included in the example is Supplemental Heaven.

So my question…

Is it allowed to do f.e. Deficit deads and close grip bench etc… For the supplemental lifts? Instead of the basic bench squat and deads in the examples? Prolly a stupid question.

But thx anyhow


Just make sure to establish a Training Max for those lifts as well.

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Thx, should I set those during the 7th week tm test also? So work up to my squat tm, and after to my front squat tm also?

Or should I just take like 15 minutes before each workout cycle 1, week 1.

You should get it done; how is not terribly important. Either way works.

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OK thx