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Supplemental Fiber

I was wondering if you were to have a bad carbohydrate like white bread or cereal bars, would taking a fiber supplement cancel out the fact its a high glycemic carb and make it like eating oatmeal?

Unless the fiber was actually present in the bread or other carb itself, whatever benefit you would get from the addition of fiber would be minimal.

It may slow the digestion somewhat, possibly lower the insulin response, but there is almost nothing you can do to make white bread, cereal, or any other highly processed carb more like oatmeal.

Hope this helps.

It’s easier to take something apart than put it back together.

THE TYPE OF FIBER MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE…FOR EXAMPLE Research done by Matsutani chemical has shown that Fibersol II a special hydrolyzed fiber… Can actually lower glycemic response by up to 50% when take with starches! This research was duplicated at Campbell’s Soup Co for a diabetic friendly soup that never launched…. Bottom line is this: certain fibers, supplements and foods can have characteristics that may be even better for achieving a specific goal. In this case glycemic response… hey isn’t that why we all take supplements?