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Supplemental Exercises for Strongman


so I have a buddy who is very well respected but can be a little bit retarted sometimes he told me that using supplemental exercises like leg curls, ext. Press are worthless and she only be done for bodybuilders and have no bearing on strongman. Where my argument is that working these type of exercises as well as primary lifts will result in great strength gains ans translate to better overall strength in strongman. Thoughts?


Are you a better strongman than him? Do you use these movements? If so, there is your argument. If not, maybe listen to your friend, he might be on to something.


More is not better. Better is better. ^^ above me has great logic. Also, look at what works for you. Try to add 2 sets of higher reps for lagging body part or whatever your weak spot is may help (this does for me, therefor my reasoning). And just work up from there.

But if your buddy is kicking that much ass, listen to him.


I think this question depends on what exactly you define as supplemental exercises. I understand the argument that if your buddy is stronger you should listen to him, but I also would say that unless your buddy is a top strongman, you should look at the training of top strongmen. Now, you're not going to find top strongmen doing bosu ball curls, but that doesn't mean their training consists of nothing but competition lifts.

Leg press and leg curls can be part of a good strongman routine. Some cursory searches on youtube will show that many past and present top strongmen use(d) these types of exercises in their training. A lot of this has to do with training economy; leg curls are relatively low cost so they can fit in to a program.

On the other hand, I think that some of this has to be taken into the context of what level you are at right now. I would never recommend skipping deadlifting or squatting to go and hit up the leg curl. If your buddy is saying, let's squat instead of leg press, he's 100% right.


Silyak, thanks for the advice. What I was doing was basically was I squatted heavy like normal doing heavy working loads at 485 for 8x3. Then I did box squats 5x5 and good mornings. When I was done I went and hit leg press, curl, and extension as putting in more work to help support some of the other muscles as more of an isolated exercise to work on loading up the muscles.

I would never skip fundamental exercises for these workouts but I strongly believe that in the end game not doing them would be less beneficial to doing them. I am not saying they are going to make me squat more or anything else but it will help when over loading the body during events.

I look at it like this. In strongman we really do not need to do curls for any events, however working curls into your training will help you reduce the chance of tearing a bicep when doing a continental clean, or tire flip, or heavy stone loads. It supplements the main core exercise and in turn helps make you over all stronger.

What are your thoughts on this reasoning?


My thoughts, for what they are worth, is that you need to make sure you are never holding back on squats to save something for the leg press. Squats+box squats+GMs is a lot of exercises. If you feel like you can add on machines and recover, go for it. More is not always better, but if you are recovering and not hurting yourself, it usually is.