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Supplemental Exercises After Rep Effort


Hi, I'm new here. Over the past few months I've been following westside and have added about 100lbs to my big 3 lifts. For my light days, I've mostly focused on dynamic effort. However, I think I want to take a break from that and focus on doing repetition effort because my work capacity can be pretty rubbish, especially for upper body.

The problem is, I've done RE for squats and benching before, and both absolutely kill me for the rest of the workout. Normally after my DE work I'm not nearly as fried so I can go moderately heavy on box squats or floor presses (5-6 reps) to get a good workout on some of my weak points.

If I did the same weight, and same range after RE work, it'd be impossible so I'd have to drop about 40-50 lbs depending on the lift, which doesn't really seem too beneficial in the end. Obviously if I'm doing RE that day, then that's my main priority, but I like to maximize my workouts and get the most out of them.

So I guess my main question is, if I do RE benching and RE squats, what supplemental lifts do you recommend? About what rep range should I try for? What has worked for all of you?

Thanks for your time...



Being a bench-only guy I have no idea about the RE Squats, but as far as RE Bench here's what I think:

Rotate 3-4 primary RE Movements.
I like DB Flat Press, Military Press, Illegal Wide Bench Press, Close-Grip BP.

As far as reps 6-8 is as high as I'd go.

If you're open to a different direction,try following DE work with heavy triceps work. Close-grip 3 or 4 board presses with and without heavy band tension. Follow these with two different tricep movement for 3 sets of 10-12 each.
Best of luck.


check out the RE day on westside for skinny bastards(version III). Also you could just try waiting 10 or even 20 mins after the RE lift till you continue


ive slowly upped my upper body volume, this is my DE bench workout
6x2 flat speed press
5x10-12 neutral grip db flat press
5x10 incline bench
4x10 shoulder exercise

keep this in mind: these reps are just a range you can go over or under a rep or two just push yourself

this is my back work as well:
deads: 3 hevay work sets
cable rows 8x8
db row
pulldown variation