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Supplemental E Lowers Natural E?


Why doesn't estrogen supplementation work the same way as steroid supplementation in that it lowers natural testosterone production?


Why does your question presuppose that taking estrogen doesn't reduce sex steroid hormone production?

(Your title, on the other hand, asks whether it happens. Yes, taking an effective amount of estrogen lowers LH production in both men and women.)


Are you in "South Boise"? How is the internet acess in there?


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oops i meant why doesn't taking supplemental estrogen lower natural estrogen?


Your question has already been answered multiple times above.

Also, it is of the same question type as asking, "Why doesn't jumping off a building cause you to fall downwards?"


well why doesn't anyone take just a little estrogen to combat natural estrogen? huh


What do you think will happen to the exogeneous estrogen that you put in your body?

The point is to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. We are men, afterall. Why on earth you would want to add exogeneous estrogen to your body is beyond my understanding. If your cycle is 'incomplete' due to estrogen levels being too low I would rather use an aromatizable steroid, hCG, or just deal with it for a weeks if it's a contest prep.


If I'm understanding the latest question, it's based on another false premise: that taking a given amount of added estrogen will reduce natural estrogen production by an even greater amount than the amount taken. Thus, to have less estrogen (according to this theory) take some estrogen!

This thread needs to die -- personal opinion.


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