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Supplemental and Isolation Lifts After 1/6 Contrast on Main Lift?

I like 1/6 contrast and I’m planning on using it for the 4 main lifts (bench, squat, press, deadlift) based off “how I added 100 pounds to deadlift article.”

After the main lift would you suggest 1 or 2 supplemental lifts before moving on to isolation movements for muscles involved in main lift?

Here is what an example bench day would look like

Bench press- 1/6 contrast
Close grip floor press- 4 to 6 or 6 to 8 reps rest pause (like in best damn strength)
2nd supplemental lift?
Tricep or chest isolation 6-8 reps rest pause

Thank you

Not trying to be rude but it seems you’ve become the new Sigil…always asking questions regarding one training you currently like, when you just asked questions on a different style last week.
Just an observation.

I always set up my workouts the same like in the article how I add a 100 pounds to my deadlift. I focus on bench squat press and deadlift but I am always looking for different ways to mix up with rep schemes

The way I design performance programs is as follow:

1st - Design the skeleton program. The skeleton program is the minimal amount of work to get maximum results. This normally means 2 exercises per workout. So I start by designing all the weekly workout, using only 2 movements per session. HERE IS THE KEY: you must select those movements as if they were the only thing you are allowed to do. In fact, with some athletes, the skeleton program is the only thing that I do.

2nd - Look if the program would benefit from a 3rd big lift. That movement needs to either address a weakness in the first two movements, or something that the first two movements didn’t train properly. If the is no 3rd exercise that would be an addition worth the expense, don’t add one.

3rd - Look if you can handle adding isolation work and if you need them. Don’t add work just to add work. Only add isolation work if it is needed to strengthen a weak link.

Thank you for the answer.
What rep protocols do you recommend on those assistance movements after the 1/6 contrast on main lift?

Still 4 to 6 reps or 6 to 8?

And would u treat it as a rest pause or double progression or does that matter?

From an hypertrophy perspective there is very little, if any, difference. 4-6 might give you a bit more strength but also is more neurologically demanding. So maybe 4-6 for upper body and 6-8 for lower

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Lastly, rest pause at those ranges or double progression?

Both work. I would use the double progression for multi-joint movements and rest/pause for isolation or machines/pulleys

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Thank you for all your help!