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Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed something that took me off guard; Why is it that people have an almost “religious” passion for some supplements? I’ve seen people defending Ecdysterones (“Bug Juice”), Liver Tabs and Colostrum with threads and post longer and more passionate than Jason B. can elicit! Short of a financial interest, where does this passion come from? CHILL!..and take whatever you want; it’s a free country…

Some people can’t divorce what they do, from who they are. Thus, a person thinks that if you attack his activities, you are attacking him or her. The reasoning is as follows: “Well, if I take ‘bug juice,’ it must be good because I am a smart, rational person. I don’t make poor choices. John here is attacking my taking ‘bug juice.’ Screw John, he doesn’t know what he’s talking aobut.”

It’s sad how quickly people become zealots.

Good question, Mufasa. As one of the people who regularly chimes in on the issue of dessicated liver supps, your post was probably partially directed at me (which is fine).

I have to disagree with Mike; at least in my own case, I really don’t think it has anything to do with ego. Rather, it’s just that I have a fair body of evidence (having trained a few people in my time) to work with, and that evidence tells me that DL works. Plain and simple. So when someone writes in and says, “Dude, DL is an 80’s supp. No way it’ll do anything for you!”, I tend to think that that’s, well, stupid, especially if the person in question hasn’t tried them him/herself. (The objections are ALWAYS something along these lines; no one yet has written in saying “I gave DL a fair trial, and it didn’t do anything for me.”) And any stupidity irritates me. Now, if someone were to post some stats on how they took DL for a month or two, regularly, in the proper dosages, and STILL didn’t experience any gains, well, I would have no problem with that, although it would contradict what I and several others whom I’ve personally observed have experienced. However, everyone’s different, right? So it’s unreasonable to expect any supp to work for 100% of the population.

Anyway, I have no problem with someone having a bad opinion of DL, or any other supp, training system, etc. Just support what you want to say with something other than “It’s old!”

Char-dawg: You are a regular (and valuble) contributor to this site, not some 16 year old (at least I don’t get that impression!)worried if jacking off will sap his strengh and require greater protein intake or if he is justified in hitting his mother. That being the case, I would never critisize you. Actually, I didn’t remember any names…just the passion that all the posters had…