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Supplement / Workout Advice

I need to add about 15lbs by jan I’m 5’10 155lbs. What supplements and workouts should I do to achieve this goal?

What is it with all the questions like this lately?

There have been at least several other post along the sames lines as yours. I recommend doing a search to see how people have responded on the other threads since they may be becoming a bit tired of responding to the same question.

Yes it is possible , it boils down to a solid diet training rest and dedication.

Read these and come back with any questions you have. In the mean time eat big and lift heavy to reach your goals.

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Hope those help, welcome to the site and Good luck.


didn’t you just ask this same question a few days ago?

there’s nothing magical about the process…

look…the supplements you need to be using are steak, chicken, fish, and GROW.

up your caloric intake…don’t take any recreational drugs…get plenty of rest in between workouts…

choose practically any one of the workouts on this site…they all work.

good luck!

If you really want to add an easy 12 lbs you can just throw on an X-Vest.

Do you want this to be muscle?

What do you “need” this for?