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Supplement Traitor

Ok, I admit, I’ve tried other supps before, and still do. Flame away. But I wanted to tell you guys one not to get that’s getting hyped up all over the place. NO2, What a load of crap. I’ve been using the stuff for over a week, and I haven’t felt any damn “perpetual pump”. I got a good deal on this stuff, so I thought I would just try it out. I’m going to finish the 2 week bottle, then I’m done with it.

Anyone else have any supplement flaming to do?

 Perpetual pump uh...

 Who'd even think such claims would be full of crap?
 A coupla years ago I did try, however, what is possibly the stupidest supplement put on the market. It's claims are very misleading and their solde purpose is to sell.

 The supplement? A fat-loss creme which you rub on the part of your body where you want more definition. The claims? That it will RELEASE fat from that spot into your blood stream which if you exercise will be burned. The ingredient? Nothing but Glycerol.

 Now, we all know Glycerol does not release fat into the bloodstream to be burned. Glycerol simply causes you to lose excess water which may increase your definition if your bf is low enough. But one thing it does not do is mess with fat whatsoever. Id personally like to kill the Owner of the company which allowed the product to be made and sold under genuinely false and misleading claims, which fact shows to be completely untrue. Cash speaks louder than the truth when the public is ignorant of the facts.

I bit too.

NOx2 to be exact.

I had no expectations though.

The biggest hole in the NO2 proposal is the fact that ‘the pump’ is not indicitive of anabolism. And yes, that is fact (see Lonman’s article).

Thus, it’s merely a cosmetic sup. Nothing more. And it’s not even that dramatic.