Supplement to Slightly Increase Drive

Hi, I am wondering if there is a product that will slightly increase my sex drive, it is pretty decent but it would be nice to have more energy, especially when you see more than one lady! I am not looking for something strong but obviously something that will keep my T up to decent levels.

I am also wondering if maybe estrogen causes pimples or skin problems? If it does, I would assume trying one of the good Biotest products would work, just trying to figure out if RED KAT would be maybe too strong or Alpha Male would be strong as well. Or M? Any advice would be appreciated, and by the way I am in Montreal Canada, so if you know if I would be able to get it across the border would be helpful too! Thanks!

Cheack out the product discriptioins for Alpha Male or RED KAT. You should find all the answers there.

(FYI, Alpha Male is a blend of TRIBEX, RED KAT, and M.)

Hi, just wondering if anyone has a recommendation, because I dont believe I need Alpha Male, I just would like to make sure my t-levels are maximized and am deciding between the 3 being Alpha Male, RED KAT and M. I dont think I need Alpha Male, but does anyone think that maybe if I were to take say 1 cap of Alpha Male every morning it would give me a small boost and be worthwhile for me.

As I said I am looking to make sure my levels are as high as possible, I am 23 years old, 6’6 270 with about 14% body fat. I do drink alot on weekends, which I have been trying to cut back on. I am also curious to know if any of these would help reduce skin problems, could it be any help to take M?

As I said I am not looking for an insane increase, I dont wana be horny 24/7, it would just be nice to have a boost when needed.

Can some of the contribs on this site maybe give me any advice? like Cy? Any input would be appreciated! thanks again!

Go with Alpha Male.

People! please post an answer!!! i see a ton of ppl lookin at this, pls take 2 secs, it would be nice to know peoples experiences with the 3 supps I am looking at! thanks

Ok tough guy,

As long as you take the recommended dosage, you aren’t going to OD on them, they aren’t steroids. The worst thing that could happen is that you are going to get a stiffie 25 times a day because the slightest whiff, glimpse, touch, or taste of anything female is going to drive you insane, but being dragged out of Victoria’s Secret by the police is half the fun.

I would spend the cash on Alpha Male, but if you are tight on moola and since getting that to Canada will probably cost more than the goods, you may want to try RED KAT, I believe that is more “related” to boosting sex drive, but like I said, Alpha Male has it already.