Supplement Timing...

Anyone use Scivation Xtend (BCAA’s)? started using it last week, feel really good. Thinking about cycle of creatine, but with all of the drinks, Im kind of confused how to time them…

I use Xtend and Whey Pre-WO + banana, and the same Post-WO and now Creatine… should I just mix em all together so to speak, and down em, or delay them ie… creatine and xtend, immed post-WO, and delay whey and breakfast for say 15 min. or so? Its still well within the so called 30min target zone…thoughts?

I know when Im going to take and how much, Im just not sure about the timing… of each.

Would it be smart to mix the creatine and Xtend together with juice, and drink, post WO, wait 15min or so (have a shower) then have my Post workout shake/meal? Im leaning towards this.

My goal now is to build mass and ultimately to compete in a fitness competition next summer.


I’m currently on Berardi’s GSD, and I use Watermelon Xtend for my BCAA. Love it!

Since I am trying hard to preserve my muscle on a low calorie diet, I use Xtend + Creatine between meals.

For building muscle, I would say you’d be better off arranging your stack in this way:

PRE-WO (30 minutes)
1-2 Scoops Whey
5g Creatine

4-8 Scoops Xtend (2-4 servings, or as much as you can afford)

2 Scoops Whey
5g Creatine
Banana/Juice other HIGI Carbohydrate

I’ve started using a ton of Xtend during my workouts, and just taking sips between sets. It’s really done a lot for my goals, and I’m sure if you’re trying to build mass it’s going to keep you strong in the gym.