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Supplement Timing?

I don’t know if this is the right place for this, this is my first post, but here it goes:

I am fairly new to wanting to get in shape and working out. I really only started in January with just messin around before that. But I think I’m ready to get serious. I’m 5 foot 7 at 155 pounds, but I’m not really skinny (bit of upper body flab). I don’t weight a lot though, so I purchased some weightgain powder. It has 50g of protien and around 900 cals. I also use a whey protein isolate and I just purchased a tub of L-Glutamine. I also tried creatine in the past but had some negative saide effects (constipation, bloating and stomach problems, but I was drinking enought water) Should I try to cycle on that again?

My question is: When should I be using all this? I take the weight gain in the morning as soon as I get up, along with breakfast. I take a whey protein isolate shake after my workout and also 5mg of Glutamine after my workout. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Well, seeing as you’re this new into weight training… I would say deffinately don’t use creatine yet, even though it’s an amazing product. Make sure and concnetrate on form on all of your reps and make sure you have a great program that works for you before you do that. I’d wait about a year if I were you. At breakfast, take the weigh isolate instead of the weight gain. After your training sessin/workout, take the weight gain then. Then about an hour to forty five minutes before bed, take another small dose of weigh isolate, as long as it doesnt keep you awake. ( they have night time formulas which would work as well.) I’m not sure when you should take the glutamine, I take my l-glutamine as well as my other full-spectrum amino acids three times daily, though they’re in pill form.

Best of luck,

Personally, if you want to gain weight. You would take the weight gainer when you wake up, and before you goto sleep. The Whey comes after a workout, and so should the creatine. I’m not sure about when to take the glutamine though. That’s about all I can tell you. Maybe hunt down a few articles about supplementing.

OK, don’t listen to GriffinC and take the weight gainer before bed. You want to gain muscle, not fat and even 1/2serving will give you 450 calories, mostly coming from maltodextrin. Take 1 serving of weight gainer and drink it before/during/right after your workout. The weight gainer serves as a great drink for around workout times when your body handles “faster-acting” carbohydrates well.Then eat a huge meal filled with protein&carbs. You can take the whey isolate after you workout as well, and its fine to take during other times of the day. I recommend in the future buying a blend of proteins. This is more versatile than a straight whey protein. I recommend something primarily made of milk protein/calcium caseinate, and whey protein. Search the internet or buy GROW!, which is excellent. Make sure to eat before bed(cottage cheese is a great choice, you can make puddings mixing in protein powder and cottage cheese. If you don’t like cottage cheese, this is where a good protein blend comes in. You can also have beef, an omelette, whatever just make sure to get a nice dose of protein before bed, although cottage cheese or a protein blend w/ casein is ideal due to its slow release for your night time fast).