supplement timing

i just bought some myostat, tribex500, zma, and other brand of diet stack, i am wondering how do i take them?

It might have been a good idea to ask this question before you bought them, huh? Ever think of tailoring your supplementation for your goals? I’ll give you a hint and say that all of them are taken orally. Read the labels for the specifics, and next time do your homework. Doing a search for “Supplement Roundup” would probably be a good idea, as it will tell you what each is intended to do.

Read the labels.

hey guys, any other suggestions besides read the label?? i am new to the supplement market so be more specify please, do i finish one product before switch to another or do i take one product on day one and another on day two and just go back abd forth?? help!!

I realize you’re looking for help here, but your post is VERY frustrating to many of us. You bought the products without the slightest of knowledge about how to use them. WHY??? My suggestion goes along with what most people would tell you. Do a search about the products you’ve already bought and read all about them. The search feature is to the left on the screen. Read the FAQ. It’s on every weekly issue of the online mag. Read, read, read.

Sam, if you go to the current issue, click on Biotest Store, there are pages for recommended use and suggested stacks.