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Supplement Timing?


When to take the following for optimal results

protein shakes
Surge workout fuel
Surge post workout (do i mix whey protein in this?)

thanks alot in advance

edit: does Surge pwo recovery replace a meal - i assume not, how long after should i eat?
is there any consensus on what is best for a pre-workout meal, and when


Protein - Anytime; better yet, at times when you're not getting enough protein from food.
Creatine - Postworkout. I like it in my surge recovery.
bcaa's - I'll let someone else touch on this one.
Surge workout fuel - During your workout...
Surge recovery - after your workout...
Multi-v - I'm not sure if timing matters, but if I took one, it would be with breakfast.
Fish oil - Space it throughout the day. I take 2 caps with breakfast and 2 with my last meal.
ZMA - Before bed, preferrably on an empty stomach.

Isn't most of what I just wrote on the labels??


Also, some people mix whey with their Surge, others don't. Personally, I'm comfortable with the protein/carb mix I get from two scoops of Surge. I drink it right after working out, then I eat a solid meal 60-90 minutes later.