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Supplement that Can Reduce Muscle Loss?


Hey guys, I haven't done much upper body activity in like 2.5 weeks and I'll be out another 2 weeks at least with elbow and wrist issues - (and the fact I'll be working an 80 hour week starting next monday)

All this inactivity has been driving me crazy and causing me to lose a little size/strength as well.

Any ideas on slowing this down so that when I come back I don't have as much work to catch up to where I used to be?

I've heard l-carnitine can help.


l-leucine and creatine are supposed to help preserve muscle.


Fish Oil is also effective in combating and slowing muscle atrophy (among a slew of other benefits), so if your not already taking that make sure you do.


so you probably want to keep your cortisol levels down Phosphatidylserine and Phytosterols and Vitamin C & E have been shown to decrease cortisol where as a deficiancy in zinc has been connected with low testosterone levels.


The best and most complicated way would be protein cycling and protein pulsing. Studies have shown that hospitalized patients even gained lean mass through protein cycling without even exercising.
Ok, you are an experienced lifter, that's another story.

If you are looking for an easy approach, make one day each week a low-calorie, low-protein day (not more than 50g), followed by two days with about 150% of your maintenance calorie level. Follow your "normal" diet the other days.

Take 5-10g Leucine, 4-6 times a day, always 15-20 minutes prior to a meal.

Very easy to do, very effective...


good stuff


Could you tell me where to find more information on this?