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Supplement Suggestions


I know this question has prob. been asked a bunch of times but i wanted everyones opinion. Im using whey protein, NOS( a form of nitric oxide, a cheap form) and i have like 1 more scop of creatine.

i have almost 40 dollars and im wondering what a good supplement to buy would be, i want something that will help with getting big im lifting weights regularly. Just open to options, oh im 17 ( turning 18 in june though)so dont really want any kind of pro Testosterone type things. Thanks for the help.


Well, at least you have that down pat.

Go with a protein powder (Metabolic Drive) and ZMA.

Those are basically all you need, what are your goals? Stats?


dont laugh, lol.
Weight: 180
Hight: 6'
Age: 17
Bench: 225
Squat: ( going to find out tommorow but estimating about 300 )
Deadlift: ( not sure either but ive hit 355 a whille back and gotton alot stronger )

Goal: Is to get bigger and stronger. I wanna compete either in bodybuilding or maybe strength, like lifting more than the other, but wanna look like a bodybuilder either way. Been lifting about a year and a half.


Edit, i was way off on my squat it was 405, yay for me. but since i bumped it the question is still up if anyone wants to take it.


Couple things- you really only have $40? That won't get you much of anything.

So my first advice is for you to get a job.

Second would be to invest in some decent protein powder, metabolic drive is a good start. You really would do better for yourself to take that $40 and go buy 20 lbs of meat though.


Good suggestion, but i said supplements not food, de de dee. i have enough food and im taking enough calories in a day. But yeah i have 40 Dollars in my pocket right now, so what, how do you know i dont have a job, but i just put the rest of it in the bank and pay for car insurence, duh, come on think, you know just keep the money after you've paid all your shit off. i said i have protein, but id like something a little better.


First off, nice job on the lifts. I think those are pretty good for your age if they are true.

Second, if you are trying to put on weight and get stronger I seriously doubt your getting enough food. PLEASE log all you caloric intake over the course of 3 days and post it. At 17, there is really no such thing as too much food. I'm guessing you live with your parents, so eat them out of house and home.

Lastly, I don't really know what to tell ya to start taking. Most all the stuff I have seen on no2 is crap. Most supplements are crap. Creatine is def something you could start taking. Fish/flax oils, a really good multi-v, and protien powder is what I would say. Bio-test has some creatine that I just bought, it was only $12! How can you pass that shit up. Anyways, I really hope you log and post your food, it will help you BIG TIME. Good luck



I'm sorry... I must have misunderstood your intentions. I forgot about all the really smart 17 year olds in the world who have everything figured out.

What's better than protein? The only thing "better" is illegal...


1 tub of GNC whey doesn't count as having protein powder. How much protein do you have? I bet not enough.