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Supplement Suggestions/Comments


Hey guys some people were recommending me some supplements and pills...they mentioned Nitrix alot.

Any suggestions or comments about Nitrix?

I do workout occasionally(now I do workout almost everday) and I'm not by any means small. People regulary ask me about working out thinking I regulary do so. But I want to get alittle more bulk and strenght.

I also will be taking in ON Whey Protien.


Isn't this the same question you asked yesterday?

You might want to search for feedback on NO2 supplements as there have been numerous posts and articles on this site.


That's because most people you are talking to read the rags and believe Jay Cutler got that big taking Nitrix.

I'm not here to scientifically say that it has ZERO effect. I'm going to flat out tell you there are 1,000,000 better ways to spend your money.


Way #1: Buy a better protein powder than ON.


Can you guys guide me....just give me a push in the right direction atleast. Please.



Stop wasting money on crap supplements and focus on improving your diet and training to gain size and strength.

There are plenty of nutritional programs on this site. I guarantee that choosing the right one for your goals and following it will do more for you than any supplement.


You are here. THIS IS the right direction. Spend about a month absorbing as much information as you can here at T-Nation. Nutrition, training, supplements, motivation...it's all here. Read.


You come on to this site
Log in and start asking questions
Get some responses
Then ask for a push in the right direction!!!
What made you come to this site?
Have you invested 10 minutes in investigating what is available here.
Not only can you buy supplements if you so choose, you have been given the gift of information.
Open your eyes and take a look around.
There is so much here, and it's free for the taking


wow...must be a veteran....all hail his presence[/sarcasm]

Anyways. I have been reading...atleast to me as a n00b the information given is overwhelming. Also everyone says something diffrent. So I was simply asking some question that I used as criteria inorder to make some decisions.

Trust me I know how boards go and the pricks that are in its mist....its all good though.


You never read ana rticle on this site that pushed the virtues of Nitrix or ON whey protein.
You are right though, you should hail my prescence, because if you weren't such a little smart mouthed prick you could learn something from me.
And if you're going to try and rip me at least use correct grammar
I'm a prick in your midst- I ain't standing out in the rain


No shit, you're tossing your money away on cheaply made cheap ass protein. You might as well use your money to buy more tuna instead.


I don't think there is a problem with ON protein for its price. Sure its not as good as Grow!, but its a lot cheaper and not everyone can afford the best. Some people on this site seem to have tunnel vision. I mean what would everyone take if grow was dicontinued, certainly not everyone would quit taking a protein supplement.


Maybe, but he's throwing money away on crap like NO2.


You are right, i was kind of responding to analog_kid's post. Yah he's throwing money away on NO2 stuff, but I wouldn't exactly call buying a 5 pound tub of ON Protein throwing your money away


LOL ok

Alright guys thanks for all the input. I think Ill just be going for some Grow! protein and some ON Whey...Ill mix the suckerz.