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Supplement Stores In Buffalo?

Hey boys and girls whats goin on?
Im hitting Niagra Falls this weekend and I am probably going to be in Buffalo and the Niagra Falls region.Can anybody tell me whare there some good nutrtion stores that have Biotest supps and/or a good selection of supplements in general? Thanks people.


Well, if you find any good ones, let me know…I live in Buffalo, and order most of my stuff online due to the crappy stores in the area. You might want to try the Vix Vitamin Shop(?)…I think this is what it is called anyway. It is basically an attachment to the Vix drugstore that specializes in supps. I used to go there once in a while.

Nobody in Buffalo buying supplements?

Nobody in Buffalo buys supplements?
I would find this hard to believe but having visited there before once, it isnt exactly lifestyles of the rich and beautiful.

I have not found any stores that carry Biotest around here. There are some decent supplement stores I know of though. Feel-Rite at 3912 Maple Road. GNC in the Boulevard mall across the street from Feel-Rite, and Herbs on the corner of Maple Road And N Forest Road. All three are in Amherst - Williamsville area. Those are suberbs between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Actually they are almost directly in between the two cities.

Feel-Rite, though it has some cool stuff, has really high prices in my opinion…same for GNC’s overpriced crap…if you must go to GNC, I recommend the one in the Galleria Mall over the Boulevard Mall as it has a better selection.

You could probably call Biotest and ask them where the nearest retailer is in that area.