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Does anybody know of a supplement store in New York City that carries the Biotest line. I saw a few posts last month that mentioned a store that carried Biotest at very good prices, but I can’t seem to recall what the name of the store was.

Give Biotest a call. Click on the ad in the upper left corner to get the number. I’m sure they can help you out. Also, I think Monkeyboy Eric posted about a store recently. Might do a subject search.

Eva’s on 8th Street between 6th Avenue and University Place usually carries a complete line of Biotest products. Westerly Healthfoods on 54th Street and 8th Avenue and Elite Value Center on 52nd Street and 8th Avenue also have a pretty good selection.

Westerly, I think it is on 54th and 8th

Just order them online. There are plenty of great places online to order.

You might try Tommy K’s Fitness, in Mamaroneck, NY (914) 777-1790. They average 40% below list on most items. Their website is www.TKFitness.com. Best of Luck.

try netrition.com…good prices and fast delivery…I live in Queens, NY and always receive my stuff from here within 1-2 business days…

saveonsupplements.com is one of the lowest out there. dps.com is also very low. Two of the cheapest online. Netriton is about 5 bucks more on all their products.

Thanks for the replies. I usually order my supplements on-line at http://www.dpsnutrition.com. I am in NYC once a month and wanted to check out a local store to see if what they had.
Thanks again.

Nutrisport on 15th and 8th ave. Talk to my guy Scott there and tell him you know me, he’ll hook you up. They’re currently running a sale on Biotest. I am officially not shopping at Westerly anymore as the owner screwed me over. Lata.

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What did the owner of Westerly do that made you feel screwed over?

Well, since I was around there a lot and knew my stuff, I was offered a gig doing some freelance supplement hawking there, whenever I felt like coming in. To compensate, I was told I’d be hooked up with some Biotest stuff. I’ve yet to see it and don’t plan to. I was later informed by my friend who works there that the owner just decided not to bother with his end. Huzzah for retail scum, eh? Lata.

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There are Vitamin Shoppes all over new york city that carry biotest at 30% off every day.