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Supplement Store Sales Pitch


Man I gotta get this off my chest. How many times have you walked into these supplement stores and some jackass guy who's never worked out in his life launches into his sales pitch. Trying to tell you to use brand X because he uses it WTF????? I went into the (rhymes with cock eyes) supplement store here in edmonton to pick up a bottle of protein and normally I would just grab and go BUT today.... this guy I never seen before comes up to me and puts on this big front:


He goes on to tell me the protein I chose has all sorts of fillers and cheap stuff and I should get brand X... he educates me on how Isolate is the best and this one has more. I felt he was verbally assaulting me here and countered that I'm not looking for isolate, and on top of that studies have shown casein slow releasing to be better for muscle growth so leave me alone please. THEN he proceeds to enlighten me that "CASEIN CAUSES CANCER" WHAT THE FUCK.

I wanted to punch this buck 65 idiot in the face for wasting my time.
I said look man, I deadlift over 600, bench 400 plus and squat 5 and change lifetime drug free, unless you're name is Benedikt Magnusson I don't care what you have to say I just want some protein.

He gets all worked up and he's talking so fast about this study and that study, acts all offended and then storms off into the back room. I checked out the protein and asked the kid at the register who that guy was. "He's one of the owners"

OWNER???? The guy was acting like a freak almost yelling at me I have had my fair share of idiots try to tell me what to do when they clearly don't know fuck all but I have never been attacked like that. He tried to make me feel like an idiot and he's THE OWNER.

So I just wanted to post this in the hopes that others will steer clear of stupid people at supplement stores and support the awesomeness that is T NATION and the T NATION STORE!!!!!

Now I'm going to make a big order with you guys...

T NATION is the best, all their info is free, and they don't force you to buy something you don't want. AMEN.

I would love to hear anyone else's experiences with dickheads telling you what to take when they clearly don't workout at all LOL.

As for Cockeye's I'll never set foot in that store again PEACE.



Sorry to hear about that. That particular owner sounds a bit spun.

I try not to take it personally when a supplement store employee throws a sales pitch at me. Most of them get paid by commission and often they have managers looking on. It's part of their job. I smile and politely decline - usually they respect this and back off.

The "cock-eyes" in Oakville, ON is pretty good. Most of the staff there know what they're talking about, and the sales pitches are few and far between.

I do wish they'd stock Biotest stuff though


I want to coin the term "lifetime-natural rage".. Is it just me or does a rather large subset of the population prefer to come to the internet in order to vent their feelings about things?

I feel like if I let the amount of tiny things bother me that seem to upset most of the people here, I'd be a fucking basket case..


cock-eyes hahahahahahaha
I just got it.


Pfft hatin' on supplement store employees...you should see what we say about all you slack jawed...


I go the the cock eyes in Hamilton and really like the staff. One woman in particular is very helpful. They aren't pushy or overbearing. If I'm looking for something different than typical, they walk me through what they've got, otherwise I get my stuff, shoot the shit a bit and leave.

Maybe it's just you. Seriously though, it probably varies a lot from store to store. I went to the 'Jercs' in Hamilton and the chick there was an idiot. She was pretty stupid and had no idea about any of their products.


Remember kids, when you go to a supplement store- Bring your sense of humor. You're gonna need it.


There's a supplement store called Cockeye's?????


It's a Canadian thing. You've clearly been out of the country for too long.


Canada = cockeyes


US > Canada

GNC = Cockeyes

math does not compute. Canada = Anomaly

US = keep being awesome.


I'm in sales. The easiest way to get rid of a salesman is to tell them, "Thanks, but I'm not interested." They will almost ALWAYS try again from a different angle if they have any experience. When they do, simply repeat yourself until they stop. No need to puff up your chest and talk about how strong you are, although I understand the logic in doing so if he's 165 lbs.


haha! I hate those fuckers!


There's a supp store here called Popeye's


Simple - just start doing mandatories all the while he's talking to you.

Get your Randy Macho Man Savage voice going and start waxing poetic about protein.

Oh Yeahhh Sweet Pro - tein. I need ya baby, Oh yeahh!


I checked on google and there are two supplement stores in Winnipeg now, one called Popeye's and the other Gorilla Pete's.
Maybe thet will all combine and call themselves Gorilla Cock Poppers.


We have Popeye's here too.



Dude, if youre gonna bitch about every little thing, just move to Canada. Oh wait.........


casein is not better for muscle growth lol wut at the OP