Supplement Store in Toronto

Hey Folks,
I went to an awesome new supplement store in Toronto called “Popeye’s” at Yonge and Charles St. It’s only been open for 2 weeks…got pretty good sales on. I picked up GROW for $49CDN. All the biotest stuff I saw was the same price as the website, except in CDN$ so it’s almost 1/3 off without having to worry about the exchane rate.
Anyways, just thought I’d share this info in case you’re looking for a deal…if you found it cheaper somewhere else he’ll match the price.

Sport Nutrition Depot (I think they have 4 stores) sells it for that too. They have excellent pricing.

thanks for the info guys!

despite getting blown around in the winter, how about thinking of getting a toronto t-cell together? maybe we can kidnap Christian until he submits to coaching us on how to O-lifts without banging up the knees too much.

TO T-cell sems a tad exclusive… every other province has their own, so why not one for ON? We could even have Bernardi as a special guest!:slight_smile:

Watch oot fer polar bears!

Sport Nutrition Depot actually have 6 stores. One recently opened in TO on Yong Street and there were some very good deals on opening day. Unfortunately there were no special deals on biotest stuff (regurlar prices are good though). Being a poor grad student I just picked-up 5 lbs of whey (under $20!). I was pleased since it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get sups.

speaking of SND they opened up a store on yonge too, just a bit south of bloor, so no more travelling to oakville for supplements.