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Supplement Store in Seattle


Before I begin, I just want to say a few things, please read before assuming I’m just a troll (altenativly, hit the back button and don’t read this post).

I just moved to Seattle, and I need to buy supplements (protein is #1 priotity).
I would order from Biotest online store, but Grow! and Metabolic Crive are sold out (except for flavours I don’t care for).
Store doesn’t have to sell Biotest stuff, as long as they have some reasonable stuff that is not insanly marked up (read: GNC).

If you know of a good store in Seattle (that is accesible by public trans), I would really appreciate it.


You might want to try other on-line sources; until the “good” flavors of Metabolic Drive are back in stock =)

if you can get over across the bridge then i recommend Evergreen Health Pantry. The store is located in Bellevue off 140th and NE 8th I think. If you know the area or someone who does then it is right by the Safeway and Hollywood Video complex. Also just up the street from 24Hr Don’t Know Fitness.

If you must stay in Seattle then look for a Seattle Super Supplements or OHS (optimum health supplements)

hope that helps. do a search on OHS and you will come up with their site.

www.T-Nation.com is nationwide.