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Supplement store in LA

Does anyone know a good supplement store in LA, preferably in Glendale or Burbank, and maybe even Pasadena? Thanks!

Chaos, I am in North Hollyweird, and I go to VP Discount on the corner of Victory and Coldwater Canyon. Its in the shopping center right next to Savon. Hope that helps

Vitamin World, Inc.
Media City Center
201 E. Magnolia Boulevard, Space 389
Burbank, CA 91502
Phone: (818) 260-9870

Yes. dpsnutrition.com Dont buy local. You will ALWAYS pay too much locally, sometimes up to 50% more. I have never found lower prices than DPS. And no I am not affiliated with them.

I use dpsnutrition too. Good service and good prices.

I’ve always bought my supps online as well, it’s MUCH cheaper. MDLP, I always go with netrition.com and I’m curious about dpsnutrition.com’s shipping charges. DPS definitely has lower prices than Netrition, but I’ve come across this on other sites before, and once shipping is figured in Netrition always comes out to be the better choice. If however, DPS has similar shipping rates, I’ll definitely be changing who I do my business with.

Sign up as part of the T-nation and the prices are great at biotestedge.com. The weekly deals beat the shit out of dps and netrition.

Schrock> DPS wins EVERY time, shipping included. JT> yes the biotest store deals are great, but I dont always require what is on sale at the time.