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Supplement Staples


Hey guys, ive seen this question posted on other boards and was wondering what everyone here would say.

What supplements do you personally see as staples in your diet/training, ones you cant live without (not literally, hence "supplements")?

For me its whey protein (i like myofusion), multivitamin, and water. Water isnt really in the category, but i think its important enough to say.


The only time water should be mentioned in regards to "supplements" is when you need to add water to a supplement.

Also, there's an entire sub forum dedicated to supplementation...not to be a dick or anything.


Look up one of the previous supp staples threads and post there. Being a dick.


Flaxseed oil (if we can even consider oils being supplements) on days I don't eat fish.

Pro and carb powder for peri-workout nutrition.

That's it.

I've actually come to a point (though not being a be-all-end-all expert) at which I don't think anyone should fuck around with so many damn supplements (if they have enough good food) until they add 20 to 30 lbs of LBM, greater than double their bodyweight in the deadlift and squat, and bench 1.5 times their weight (or some other gold standards).


How helpful, thanks...


Hey man from looking at your avatar I would guess your are in the military. If so, thanks for serving our country. Most of my crew were in the military and say you cant find brothership like you can in firefighting and the military.


Agreed, the brothership is awesome, thank you for serving as well man. Stay safe.


I understand you want the take you under the wing and show all the secrets to get HUGE thing and all but....dnlcdstn is right...there is a search bar with PLENTY of information on here. But to keep from being a dick...Whey protein, fish oil, creatine and multi vitamin.
Back to lurking.


To the OP, use the search function, ok?
My list; whey protein, fish oil.
And water ofcourse.
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^THIS . IMO people are taking too many supps n forgeting the basics of nutrition n diet IE enough fruit n veg , fibre n protein from whole natural food.
my staples ,zinc n tribulus ( im 43) , fish oil , ground flax seed ,vit d , vit c , magnesium , whey isolate , creatine .


It's just this thread (and numerous others) gets started once a week. If you looked at previous threads you would find all the answers that anybody would respond with anyway plus more.

Thanks for serving.


protien powder, fish oil, Rez-V and Curcumin 500.


I only use supps as a compliment to my healthy diet. I can't always fit in every healthy thing and sometimes I can't find items I need so I'll have to get it in supplement form.

I have this throughout the day:
1 serving of a super food
A serving of high-quality fish oil
2000IU Vitamin D
1 serving of a multi-vitamin
1 serving of Whey
1 serving Rhodiola

I use a super food because almost every ingredient in it is in Jonny Bowden's 150 healthiest foods. Most of the foods by themselves are too expensive to implement and eat throughout the day, so I think a green supplement is great. The rest help me round out my already healthy diet. They're much cheaper and provide me the nutrients I need.

I'll eventually add Creatine but I don't have peri-workout nutrition at the moment. Most of my supplements are based around health and nutrients.


there was a T-Cell thread a while back with the same exact question

basically, everyone agreed you dont need anything more than protein, creatine and fish oil (as long as you have a decent diet)